Basically Basic can now be installed remotely for use on GitHub Pages!

The days of having to forking this repo and manually manage updates are over. Simply install the jekyll-remote-theme plugin by doing the following and away you go.

  1. If you’ve previously forked this repo start by removing _layouts, _includes, _sass, assets/javascripts, and assets/stylesheets. Be sure to leave any files that you’ve customized so they override the versions bundled in the theme.

  2. In your Gemfile replace gem "jekyll" with the following:

    gem "github-pages", group: :jekyll_plugins
    gem "jekyll-remote-theme"
  3. Run bundle update and verify that all gems install properly.

  4. Add remote_theme: "mmistakes/jekyll-theme-basically-basic" to your _config.yml file.

  5. Then add jekyll-remote-theme to the plugins (previously gems) array in your _config.yml file like so:

      - jekyll-remote-theme